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As the name suggests, a lawn mower is a garden implement used for mowing grass. To suit the needs and necessities of different users, lawn mowers are of different types and sizes. In the most basic form, there are two types of mowers, namely - the cylinder mowers and the rotary mowers.

To maintain a neat lawn at regular intervals, a cylinder mower is designed as a very effective cleaning tool. In specific places – like tennis courts - where the lawn should look very professional and neat, cylinder mowers are commonly used. In other places, where the grass has not been mowed for quite sometime and there is much of rough grass, a rotary mower is more useful.

Lawn mowers come in different sizes, depending on the width of grass being cut. According to their size, mowers can cut even from 20 to 40 cm. In fact, the wider the mower, the fewer are the sweeps needed to finish the job. An unwritten rule is that the bigger the lawn, the bigger is the mower. If the area is extremely large, a rider mower is the ideal choice.

Along with size, consideration should be given to the power that operates the mower. Lawn mowers may be electrical or petrol-run. The electrical ones are economical, light in weight, and more convenient to use. However, when used in denser lawn areas, it can get tangled between the grasses. It also does not work well in wet grass. The petrol-run lawnmowers are expensive and need more maintenance. Yet another type of lawnmower is the one that is run on rechargeable batteries. Though quite useful, the power and efficiency with which this mower cuts the grass is less as compared to electrical or petrol-run ones.

‘How the lawnmower move’ is next factor that is to be considered. It can move on hovers, or wheels, or rollers. Hovers are suitable for the small gardens and are cheap, compared to the others. As they lack wheels, they need to be carried to every place. They give a good and neat finish to the lawn, though they cannot cut very close to the ground. On banks or slopes, the hovers can be quite ineffective. Another type of lawn-mower movement is on rollers, which mostly come in cylinder mowers. Apart from cutting the grass, they are also useful in leveling the ground. Since they are attached, the rollers keep a steady level of the mowers, and can hence do a better job leveling the grass and land. Next in line are the wheels, which give first-rate mobility and maneuverability to the mowers.

For keeping the lawnmowers neat and clean, some mowers have a ‘grass collection box’ attachment. The grass gets collected in the box that can be emptied at frequent intervals. If a mower does not have a collection box, then the grass that is mowed is left on the soil itself, and is left to dry and become manure to the growing grass.

A few ‘not suitable’ things also need to be considered – like, a power lawnmower being ‘not suitable’ for people who cannot walk fast, and a heavy mower being ‘not suitable’ for those who need some kind of support while mowing.

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